Harbel College is a community of motivated and intellectually committed individuals who explore education in its many dimensions. The goal of the College is to establish itself as a national leader in providing innovative, national-centered approach to learning. Chief among these is the need for a more highly educated citizenry to ensure that we have the intellectual capacity in our nation to confront the problems and opportunities before us. Success in this endeavor depends on the implementation of applied curriculum of relevance that supports purposeful activity, authenticity, practicality, and engaged learning, leveraging technology innovations that have profound result on the daily lives of the Liberian people. The College has as its purpose, in the words of its President, to develop in student through applied curriculum of relevance, "the impetus to grasp, identify and manipulate ideas, views, and habit of mind that promotes clear thinking and sound judgment in specialization such as Liberian Studies, Environmental Studies, and African leadership education."

Our professional programs introduce students to foundational and newly emerging fields and prepare them to earn marketable degrees. Beyond simply the number of degrees, though, we emphasize that the nature and quality of the education our students receive along the way equip them for the life outside of the college. Does their education equip them to function as productive citizens and leaders in today's world? This is the point. Another key issue, the core of Harbel College's education vision, is to ensure that the college's research and scholarship programs contribute to economic and social development in more demonstrable ways, creating new jobs and ideas that find their way to the marketplace. Our students are eager to engage in original research and experiential learning, excited to study in one of Liberia's most oldest natural rubber corporation cities, and passionate about shaping the future. Through their studies, our students prepare for ethical leadership, global citizenship, and engaged services. Our faculty members are exceptional teachers who encourage students to join them in pursuing transformative scholarship and creative activities. Through their research, our faculty advance knowledge and engage in professional practices that build and sustain just societies. We foster an inclusive and diverse community drawn from our county, and the world. We are dedicated to become a preeminent intellectual force in Liberia, preparing young Liberians to excel academically and to compete successfully in an increasingly global and diverse world. The breath of our community motivates us to question our assumptions, to consider multiple perspectives, to think critically, and to develop the humility that comes with global understanding. We fiercely educate ambitious individuals for capacity building in some of the major professions lacking in Liberia.

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