The A.A. degree does not prepare students to be eligible to take certification/licensure exams or to practice in the Nursing profession. The pre-nursing program provides general education, prerequisites, and supporting courses which lead students to Bachelor of Science degree (BS)in Nursing.

Pre-Nursing students are assigned academic advisors who provide information regarding the nursing program, application process, and college policies and regulations. Students are encouraged to contact an academic advisor to discuss study skill strategies, course planning, and academic issues.

Academic Advisors

Emma Johnson, Emma advises the Pre-Nursing students, prior to application to the ASN program. Emma graduated from Cuttington Nursing School with a BSN in Nursing and has work as an instructor and counselor education for more than a decade.

Mission statement:

The mission of Harbel College Pre-Nursing Office of Student Affairs is to:

 provide one-on-one advising, academic support, and student-centered programming

 encourage students’ personal, intellectual, and professional growth

 develop innovative recruitment and results-driven programming

 respect the diversity of current and prospective nursing students and alumni

 achieve recognition as a model student affairs unit

Academic advising staff:

 The Academic Advising staff consists of Dr. Abou, Ms. Dwede Hoto, Ms. Snamie Tarkor, and Mr. Jeremiah Kayne. In addition to academic advising, each staff member works with a particular area or student population including Access to College, career services, social and educational programming, the AS in Pre-Nursing program, internships, and student athletes. You are encouraged to contact an academic advisor to discuss study skill strategies, course planning, and academic issues.

Additionally, the academic advisors provide a variety of services to students including:

 assistance with scheduling, including selection of electives

 information regarding pass/non-pass enrollment, course audit and course repeatability

 information about minors/majors, dual degrees, nursing careers

 interpretation of college rules and policies

 assistance with the application process to the AS in Nursing (ASN) program

 referral to college service areas for assistance with personal or academically related concerns withdrawal from the college or transferring to another program at Harbel College

Pre-nursing advising staff & Nursing 100 survey Course instructors:

The advisors provide academic support to pre-nursing students as well as teach the Nursing 100 course. They provide information regarding the pre-nursing program, application process, course planning and college policies and regulations.

Contact information:

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NAME: Dr. Seraphin Chally Abou NAME: Prof. Dwede D. Hoto NAME: Ms. Snamie Tarkor NAME: Ms. Jeremiah Kayne
TITLE: Dean of Schools & Acting VPA TITLE: Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management TITLE: The Assistant Registrar/On-Campus Visit Experience Coordinator TITLE: Administrative Secretary
PHONE: (+231-770-278-230/+231-886-210-448) PHONE: (+231-775-289-865/+231-886-550-113) PHONE: (+231-775-509-376/+231-886-410-162) PHONE: (+231-775-310-989/+231-886-641-822))
OFFICE: HMHS Extension OFFICE: HMHS Extension OFFICE: HMHS Extension OFFICE: HMHS Extension

 52 credits NCHE


If you are transferring from another institution for the Traditional BSN option, and do not meet admissions requirements, you can enroll in the pre-nursing program in order to meet requirements. The pre-nursing program can be completed in less than two years if you decide to take courses in the summer.

Total Credit Hours: 51

NCHE General Education Courses:

 52 credits NCHE

 18 Credits HARCO

 10 Credits School of Professional Studies

TOTAL DEGREE CREDITS = 80 credits for Associate of Science in Pre-Nursing

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