The Public Administration concentration of the Bachelor of Applied Science is designed to prepare business students for a career in public service. Today's public administrators have to deliver public services in close coordination and partnership with businesses and community-based organizations, domestically and internationally. Public service coverage has also grown from the traditional health and sanitation, education, public works, and agriculture to include immigration, security, and the environment concerns. This program deepens the student's critical understanding of governance institutions, policy-makers, legal and regulatory processes, business-government-civil society relations, as well as ethics, accountability, and anti-corruption strategies.

Another benefit of our Bachelor of Science in Business is that we offer guidance for students who wish to start their own companies. Many of our adjunct faculty are entrepreneurs who can guide students through their unique experiences of starting their own businesses. While there is no formula for success in entrepreneurship, a little guidance along the way can make all the difference, and thanks to the small teacher-to-student ratio at HARCO, many of our students form bonds with professors that last far beyond their time with us.


Students who complete the BS in Business, including the 52 General Education program and 18 HARCO Core courses, will be able to:

  1.  Analyze data and argument, as informed by interdisciplinary approaches to business management and organizational leadership.
  2.  Demonstrate advanced communication skills.
  3.  Recognize the need for information in professional and business contexts and to responsibly access, evaluate and apply information using a wide variety of research tools.
  4.  Develop strategies for organizational challenges using management theory, principles, ethical reasoning and innovative approaches.


1. BUSI 1003 Math for Business

2. BUSI 1013 Statistics for Business

3. BUSI 1023 Introduction to Economics for Managers

4. BUSI 1033 Introduction to Business

5. BUSI 1043 Introduction to Financial Accounting

6. BUSI 2063 Introduction to Marketing

7. BUSI 1073 Business Writing and Communications


1. BUSI 1063 Business and Sustainability

2. BUSI 2003 Macroeconomics in Global Context

3. BUSI 2013 Business Decisions Analysis

4. BUSI 2023 Business Law

5. BUSI 2033 Organizational Behavior and Management

6. BUSI 2043 International Business Environment

7. BUSI 2053 Business Ethics

8. BUSI 2083 Managerial Accounting

9. BUSI 2093 Introduction to Managerial Finance

10. BUSI 2103 Human Resource Management and Development

11. BUSI 2133 Organization Theory and Design

12. BUSI 2163 Marketing Strategy


PAD 4204 - Financial Management in the Public Sector

PAD 4152 - The Changing Environment of Society, Business, Government, and National Elections

PAD 4806 - Foundations of Public Administration

PAD 4874 - Public Sector Community Relations

PAD 4604 - Regulatory Policy, Ethics, and Administration Law for the Public Sector

Elective (Choose One)

DSC 3079 - Foundations of Public Safety

MAN 4940 - Management Internship


PAD 4879 - Capstone Experience: Public Administration

Total Credits for BAS Degree: 128 Credits

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